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Surplus Business Supplies Australia

Surplus Business Supplies Australia is a buyer and seller on a local and global basis of all types of used, overstock and liquidated equipment.

Our specialties include but are not limited to the following categories:

Overstocked, replaced, compromised, end of lease, end of life or liquidated. If you are managing any type of inventory and looking for a convenient and expedited disposal method with reports and return then the first call you should make is to Surplus Business Supplies Australia.

What we can’t purchase from you and on-sell, we can recycle. Working with accredited and certified recycling partners, we offer total asset disposal streaming with returns on resalable inventory and responsible recycling and reporting on waste.

Why organisations, corporations,
businesses and individuals choose
Surplus Business Supplies Australia

Here are the top five reasons

Our global network of trading partners gives us the ability to find a home for just about any type of equipment or product.

We offer the highest possible returns on your disposals.

We understand that you need answers now.

We offer a total disposal package. Returns. Recycled. Reported.

We have the energy, the muscle and the resourcefulness to make it happen.

Surplus Business Supplies Australia Pty Ltd
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